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5 reasons for rebranding your business

Change is the only certain thing in our lives, and so it is for our business or organization. Even though this process is exciting and refreshing, it is not always a good idea to just go for it, a good plan, and a good reason are needed. Some of the best reasons to take this step into a fresh look for our organization are:

Your image is outdated

Some logos had been virtually untouched through the decades; logos that everyone immediately recognizes right? Well, yes, but even in those cases, everything around them has changed, we don’t see Coca-Cola advertising just as they did back in the 1800s or even as they did a couple of years ago, Why is that? The answer is simple, branding is much more than just a logo; it combines several visual and non-visual elements to create a consistent, memorable, and unique identity for our brand.

Changes in the Market

There has never been a time in humanity where big changes come and go so fast as in the digital era. One of the biggest changes in this brave new world is manifested in the retail sector, and just as the meteoric rise of Amazon suggests, today’s consumer expects many things from today’s brands, being a digital presence the bare minimum. This new consumer calls for new values in your organization, new processes, and new philosophies, changes from within that are guaranteed to be noticed with new branding. 

Your image does not stand out

Grabbing someone’s attention in digital media for a couple of seconds is becoming harder by the day. A brand can become just like a needle in a haystack, but looking for a neon glow in the dark needle is much easier isn’t it? Let your branding reflect what is unique about your business, don’t let it follow a cookie-cutter template that you and millions more can easily find on the web.

You are aiming for a different market

It doesn’t matter if you are completely devoting to this change or expanding into new ventures, your brand needs to appeal to your new audience. Using the same brand in an unrelated sector is usually a bad move because everyone relates knows what you are currently known for. Changing this perception is far more challenging than a fresh start; the good news is that you don’t have to completely erase your old brand, you start with a new one under the one you already have.

Your business has grown 

You just don’t think about your business the same way when you started, and your audience will do so too. This growth process needs to be reflected in your brand, let the world know you are no longer the small garage entrepreneurship, let them know that you are now a serious business providing value to the market and your community. Let your business get the image that accurately reflects this new stage.

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