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About me

My Story

Hi world, I’m Arturo – a Bachelor in hospitality management, a technician in Graphic design, and a self-taught photographer.

I started freelancing as a photographer back in 2012, specializing in cultural and travel coverage. In 2015 I started working for my local government, as a photographer and designer in the tourism office, work that brought the entire team a national nomination for outstanding cultural management.
In the meantime, I also volunteered as a teacher with an English NGO that used to operate an education center in one of the most poverty-stricken parts of my city.
Nowadays I’m fully committed to freelancing, remote volunteering for organizations in Argentina and the US, and my eco-friendly gift boxes business.

For extra info you can also visit my social media or review my resume:

5+ years

8 years as a freelance photographer and 3 years working for my local tourism office.

Spanish and
English speaker

Native Spanish Speaker with a CAE certificate from Cambridge University

2+ years volunteeering

Former volunteer teacher in a local NGO, now helping organizations in the US and Argentina remotely.

Recognized in cultural promotion

Part of the nominated team for cultural management in the yearly national “Good governmental practices” award.

Big picture thinker

Creative and innovative

Socially Aware

Always happy to share knowledge